Monday, October 22, 2007

The Horror Films So Far

So I've already ranted about Bug, but I figure I should list the movies that I have already seen this October... Using, of course, the 5-Star rating system.

* Hated It
** Didn't Like It
*** Liked It
**** Really Liked It
***** Loved It

  • Bug: * * * * * For my true and loquacious feelings about it, see my previous rant.
  • 28 Weeks Later: * * * * * Better than the original. No fooling. I actually feel so strongly about this conviction that I might have to dedicate a future blog in its honor. Zombie and post-apocalypse fans: go see it.
  • The Hidden: * * Kyle MacLachlan poses as an FBI agent pretending to bring down a serial killer who turns out to be... A PARASITIC ALIEN... The only thing that raised this abysmal little film above the 1-Star rating was the introduction to one of my absolute favorite actors, Kyle MacLachlan. But even his patented charmingly eccentric thespian skills couldn't save this dud.
  • Zombie Nation: * Reminded me of one of those Saturday Afternoon made-for-TV USA movies... We didn't get as much as 10-minutes into it until it was revealed that the "zombies" would be distinguished from the living by being elaborately decorated in... eye makeup. That's it. There's simply no excuse for poorly-made-up zombies. Take a page from Romero's book.
  • The Bad Seed: * * * * * Absolute. Classic.
  • Reincarnation: * * * * From director Takashi Shimizu, the same director of Ju-On, the original version of The Grudge. Fantastic direction, slow and chilling horror pace, and fantastic well-made twist in a pay-off.
  • Planet Terror: * * * * * The first of the two Grindhouse movies, this half directed by Robert Rodriguez, and definitely the outstanding one off the two. Like From Dusk Til Dawn? This is better. A perfect parody of 70s sexploitation films, Rodriguez creates another adaptation to the zombie mythos, the "plagued" created through a mysterious gas captured and carried by Bruce Willis and his band of army men. And who is set out to fight them? Why Rose McGowan with a gun for a leg... It doesn't get much better than that.
  • The Abandoned: * * * * Not a perfect ghost story, but it definitely has perfected thoroughly creepy ambiance.

Movies coming up on the Netflix queue (I can hardly wait!):

We'll see how many I can get through by Halloween.

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neverendingwonder said...

Bah- The Hidden was GRRREEEAAAAAT!

And you need to bone up on the difference between plagued and plaqued.